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Shellac Nails: Everything You Need To Know

If you’re looking for a long-lasting and durable manicure, shellac nails may be a perfect choice. This hybrid nail polish has recently gained popularity for its high-shine finish and chip-resistant properties. In this blog post, we’ll dive into everything you need about shellac nails.

What Are Shellac Nails?

Shellac nails are a type of nail polish that combines the best of both worlds – the durability of gel nail polish and the convenience of traditional nail polish. The term “shellac” is often used interchangeably with “gel polish,” but technically, shellac is a specific brand of hybrid polish CND® SHELLAC®.

The application process for shellac nails is similar to that of a gel manicure. After your nails are prepped and cleaned, a base coat is applied, followed by two layers of colour polish, and finished with a top coat. Each layer is cured under a UV lamp for several minutes, which helps the polish harden and set. The result is a glossy finish that can last up to two weeks.

In general, we often call gel polish ‘Shellac’. And gel polish should not be confused with gel nails (also known as hard gel or builder gel). Shellac nail polish is thinner than gel nails, so generally shellac nails tend to start to ‘break down’ around two weeks.

Benefits of Shellac Nails

One of the most significant advantages of shellac nails is their longevity. They’re known to resist chipping and peeling, which means you can keep your manicure looking fresh for longer. Unlike traditional nail polish, which can start to wear off within a few days, shellac nails can last up to two weeks or more.

Another benefit of shellac nails is their high-shine finish. If you love a glossy, polished look, shellac nails are perfect. They also come in various colours, so you can choose the ideal shade to match your style.

Shellac nails are quicker to apply, stay shiny the whole time and are harder to chip compared to normal nail varnish. Additionally, shellac nails are much easier to remove and minimise the damage to your natural nails.

Beautiful pink matte manicure against the background of roses. Gel silk, oval-shaped nails.
*Beautiful pink matte manicure against the background of roses. Gel silk, oval-shaped nails.

Things to Consider

While shellac nails have many benefits, there are a few things to consider before getting them. One of the most important is the removal process. Unlike traditional nail polish, shellac nails are as challenging to remove at home as possible with regular nail polish remover. Instead, you’ll need to soak your nails in acetone for several minutes to loosen the polish. This task can be done at home, but following the instructions carefully is essential to avoid damaging your nails.

Another thing to consider is the cost. While shellac nails can last longer than traditional polish, they’re also more expensive. Depending on the service you choose, shellac “Gel” manicures can cost from $40 to $75 or more.


Shellac nails are a great choice if you’re looking for a long-lasting, durable manicure with a glossy finish. While they may be more expensive than traditional nail polish, the results are often worth it. Just follow the proper removal process to avoid damaging your nails. If you’re ready to try shellac nails, visit our Fabulous Beauty Salon to get started!

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